About Jürgen

About Jürgen

Hi, I’m Jürgen.

I like my paths a bit shady, a bit sunny, on the edge but mostly safe, and not always showing what’s up ahead.

Mostly, I’ll be talking about hiking, biking and camping, but not exclusively. A few people will appear here regularly, so I will introduce them now:

SJ – my best friend and partner for better and worse, for over 30 years.

Little Bear – my other best friend, and adventuring partner.

Sydney – a Norwegian Forest cat who just has to sit on your desk when you’re getting ready to work.

Ziggy – while he is no longer with us, this great Maine Coon cat kept us company for many years.

If you’ve read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, you may recall some comments she made about pleasure as compared to entertainment. (While I was introduced to this book only recently by Little Bear, I truly wish it had been there for me when I was 20!) From this comes my tagline under the title: “Pleasure without entertainment…” I do not need to be entertained to be happy.

As always, check the packaging carefully to be sure you have found everything. Enjoy!