This post is about a bike ride I made in August 2015! It has been been in draft mode and by now I have forgotten most of the trip, but I still want to show the best part: the dinosaur tracks! Click on the pictures to see them full size.

These tracks were made in mud 110 million years ago. The mud dried, got covered by some other dirt, and then hardened for a few million years. Really cool! The dinosaur tracks are about 2 miles in.

I’ve been back to this spot several times and it has been covered with leaves or water, so these are the best pictures I have. Here is the beginning of the original post:

In the summer of 2015 I got even more serious about biking and discovered that my civilized Townie was exactly that – civilized. It was almost exactly a year old and I traded it in for a Giant mountain bike with 29″ tires. What a difference! SJ swears it has pixie dust because it rides by itself. After riding it around the greenbelt for a while I thought I’d take it somewhere totally uncivilized, a local natural area called Government Canyon State Natural Area.

As I pull into the parking area, I see a lot of cars with bike racks, so clearly this is a popular biking area. I look at the map and head out Joe Johnson road. Some parts of the road are nice and smooth, shaded by some large trees. Other sections would be a challenge for large 4×4’s.

And that’s as far as I got with the post…

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